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      New Year,New Hair Style

      New Year,New Hair Style

      Christmas Day will be gone,but your beauty keeps going on.The year of 2019 is coming to the end, and the season of Spring in 2020  is just on it’s way. Are you tired of keeping the same hair length or style?will you prefer to change yourself and have a more beautiful appearance?Bangsontarget hair recommend 4 most popular human hair wig style for you to meet the 2020 new year.

      Blond Lace Front Human Hair Wig


      613 blonde lace front wig is one of the most popular wigs in 2019,but it is no doubt that it will keep leading  the trend of Spring 2020. Bangsontarget choose the best virgin human hair material to make the blonde lace front wig,soft and shiny,healthy and beautiful.The biggest advantage of blonde wig is the variability,you can dye it to any color as you like,pink,orange,blue,green,purple,or rainbow color,Bright colors make you be a warm and shiny person,which make you more confident and satisfied someothers.


      360 lace frontal wig


      Hight recommend our 360 lace frontal wig silk straight and 360 lace frontal wig deep wave,The hair is soft and healthy, minimal shedding. Texture is amazing,and because of the special 360 lace cap construction make it more natural looks like your own hair.nobody can know that you’re wearing a wig, even if you put it in a high ponytail or bun. The lace is nearly invisible, which make it suitble for different skin.


      13x6 lace front wig


      As the bigger lace size,it can be do a deep middle part,but if you are tired of middle part,perhaps you can try a side part,it is more natural than 13x4 or 360 lace will makes you different from daily life,it is amazing.





      Lace Front Bob Wig



      Bob lace front wig has always been one of the most popular wig styles for black women. Bob wig is very perfect for Any occasion,daily life, theme parties, weddings, dating, concerts and also Valentines’ Day. No matter what color your skin is, black or white, this kind of human hair wig will match your complexion color, make you more beautiful and sexy, just like healthy natural hair does. Bob wigs can suit women with any face shape can wear it easily, The best length should hit shoulder length, you can keep bangs according to your face shape and hobbies. You can also try to make different curls on the wig such as deep wave Curly wave or body wave to increase the fluffy and layered feeling of her hair.

      What kind of lace is used for lace wigs?

      What kind of lace is used for lace wigs?

      If you plan to purchase a wig.there is an important thing,what kind of lace base is used for this wig.

      Generally speaking there are four varieties of bases:Korean lace,French lace,swiss lace,HD lace.But what’s the difference of these laces? How do you choose one?

      But in fact french lace and swiss lace are two types of lace mostly used in wigs. As many people have commented, Swiss lace is slightly softer than French lace. The latter being harder is also more strong. The quality of lace is really important for a wig.

      French lace is the stronger of the cap laces, and is recommended for first-time buyers because of its durability. Though both laces are said to be virtually invisible on the scalp, because of the strength and thickness of the French lace, it is the more noticeable of the two. French lace can bear medium hair density; if thicker, the lace will tear easily. The lifespan of a French lace hairpiece is usually 4-6 months. If it is cared for properly, it may last even longer. Generally, French lace is used more often than Swiss lace.

      Swiss lace is a fine material that should be handled with care. The net is finer than that of French lace, so it less visible than French lace. Swiss lace is softer and more delicate than French lace but easier to tear while applying. Thus, Swiss lace cannot bear heavy hair density; medium light density is the maximum. The lifespan of a Swiss lace hairpiece is shorter than a French lace hairpiece.

      HD lace is the most popular lace recently, especially among the experienced wig wearers.  HD lace usually come in only transparent lace. Because it is very natural, truly invisible, transparent HD lace matches all complexions.

      Swiss lace is slightly thicker as compared to the HD lace. But this doesn’t mean that it truly is visible. Believe it or not this lace can also be a super lace for the front, as you cannot see it. It’s also a lot more tough in strength. There are different lace colors to match different skin colors,light brown lace color,medium brown lace color or dark brown lace color. This is most used in hair companies. It is durable and natural. and it can be tinted different shades of brown to blend with a variety of complexions.

      Swiss lace is finer, and more fragile, than French lace, and blends better with the skin for a less visible appearance. French lace is slightly thicker and more durable. We generally recommend that first time buyers go with French lace because they are inexperienced at wig application and removal and are more likely to damage a wig cap made of swiss lace.

      So Swiss lace or French lace or HD lace? That all depends on you. If you would like a softer and more invisible base and light hair density, Swiss lace is good enough. If you would like the hairpiece to last longer and need thicker hair density, French lace would be a great choice. HD lace is very thin, very soft, very comfortable (of course), but it is fragile. It is favorite of people with experience applying and removing matter what lace type you choose, both will give the most realistic hairline if you're looking for a natural looking lace wig.

      Highly Recommend Lace Wigs For Your Christmas Day

      Highly Recommend Lace Wigs For Your Christmas Day

      Highly Recommend Lace Wigs For Your Christmas Day
      With Christmas and New Year is coming,It is the most important holiday in the winter.Now it is time to prepare gift ,christmas tree,christmas foods,and the important thing,All family members will gather together, there will be different parties, family, friends, and lovers, everyone want to have the best beautiful hair style is the most necessary.There are some high quality human hair wigs recommended for you.

      1.Long Silk Straight Human Hair Wigs.

      Silk straight hair style the most classic hair wig.It is simple,and easy to care,if you are busy with your christmas holiday,and not too much time ,silk straight hair will be the best choice.The traditional lace front wig is 13x4 lace size at front.but now we upgrade it ,the lace size is 13x6,which have a bigger parting space,also you can make a deep middle part or C part.Also you can choose a 360 lace frontal wig,you can do more style,half up half down,high ponytail,bun,all of them are available,very natural.In a word ,silk straight hair style will never out of time,it always be attractive.

      straight 360 lace frontal wigs

      2.Kinky Curly Human Hair Wigs

      Kinky curly hair is the most amazing hair style,especially for these African American women,which this hair style make them have their hair natural .kinky curly hair wigs from bangsontarget hair is sexy and beautiful,very full and thick.

      3.Short Lace Front Bob Wigs

      Bob wigs are the ultimate transition wig. It is cheap and affordble ,but it can be used in various situations,from work place to parties,it is popular with various people,no matter stars or common people.Bob wigs are the perfect for women who prefer short,clean cut hair style. Also bob wigs can be resyled by themselves,it is easy to handle,needn’t worry shedding and tangling,can last long time.


      4.613 Blonde Human Hair Wigs

      It is no doubt 613 blonde human hair wig is the most popular in the past year,it can be colored permed,and restyled,Bangsontarget 613 blonde wig is 100% human hair ,it is easily to be dyed any color you like,no shedding,no tangle,it make you more confident and beautiful.
      Of course,you also can choose other hair style as you like.There must be a wig suit you,it is time to purchase one for yourself,or as a gift,have a good shopping in bangsontarget. Big surprise and secret gifts are prepared for you.

      How To Identify Human Hair And Synthetic Hair

      How To Identify Human Hair And Synthetic Hair

      The difference between synthetic and human hair is in the fiber.Synthetic hair can be better at holding it's style even after washing. Human hair are made out of real human hair so they look and feel real, but they also have to be re-styled after washing just like real hair. Keep reading to learn more about human hair and synthetic hair.

      How to identify human hair and synthetic hair?

      Random selection of one or two hair,with a lighter to burn out,human hair in a fire will be turned into a black ball,gently rub,into powder,smell there is a burning taste of protein.synthetic hair fire will become hard ball,rubbing is not open,and nylon burnt the above pics.Moreover, human hair may have very little gray hair and split ends. It is normal but not a quality problem


      Which is right for you?

      Maybe both.While some may wear that one is more superior than the other, the truth is that both human hair and synthetic hair have their pros and cons. Ultimately, it all depends on your lifestyle, needs, and budget. If you have a busy schedule,  little time to commit for all the maintenance work, want natural looking wigs without breaking the bank or like to make dramatic changes to your style occasionally, you may want to consider having some synthetic hair wigs or hairpieces on hand. If price and maintenance is not an issue, and you care about quality and styling versatility the most, it’s not a bad idea to invest in human hair. And of course, you will choose to have both on hand as they each have their pluses!

      Here are some points what you should consider before making a purchase: 

      1. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair,several times cost than synthetic hair.
      2. Human hair takes more time and effort but gives you more styling options.You may need to visit a professional stylist to get the look you want if it’s not box ready to wear.But synthetic hair usually is permanent styling,ready to wear style straight out of box.requires little to no restyling even after washing.
      3. Human hair can last a longer time,1-3years or longer in a good care condition.But synthetic hair even good quality only last 4-8 months or less,lower quality only last 4-6 weeks or less.
      4. Human hair color would fade as the time gone,but can be colored and permed again,however the color result would not match original.and we don’t suggest color or perm frequently,which would damage the hair.Synthetic hair fade less ,alway remain its bright color.
      5. Human hair feels soft and natural,synthetic hair feels fake rough and hard.
      6. Human hair can withstand heat at a certain temperature,but synthetic hair can not due to the fiber or synthetic material.

      What is the Difference Between Full Lace Wigs & Lace Front Wigs

      What is the Difference Between Full Lace Wigs & Lace Front Wigs

      What is the difference between Full lace wigs and Lace front human hair wigs?How to make a desicion, People who want to buy hair wigs may have this question. this blog will help you find the answer.



      Full Lace Wigs Vs. Lace Front Wigs


      Full Lace Wigs

      Full Lace Wigs are 100% hand tied human hair wigs. Each hair is hand tied onto a mesh base to create the most natural hair growth look and provide a super soft fit. .

      Full lace human hair wigs can have lace all around the wig, and you can cut the lace all over the wig. You will be cutting a hairline with around baby hair on your whole head. Full lace wigs is the most comfortable, light-weight, and durable hair wig you could get.

       With a full lace wig, wherever you part your hair, you will have the natural appearance of scalp. A full lace wig imitates most successfully the natural movement of real hair and can be worn in a variety of styles including a high ponytail or updo

      Full lace wigs has a natural look and stay put while you put them on correctly. They are even able to be worn during most sports activities activities without coming off. Put on your full lace human hair wigs in the proper way you may realize that only you know those luxurious hair aren't yours.


      Lace Front Wigs

      Lace front wigs have the same appearance with full lace wigs. The lace size is 13x6 (13x4) at front.

      You could style the front part in any way you want and the lace front even carry a few baby hair. A 13x6 lace front wig also can make a deep middle part or C part,but it is cost less than full lace wig.The rest part of the lace front wig isn’t made of lace, but with an unbreakable material, this is still secure and wearable. It has a open construction with adjustable straps, elastic net,which make it more matching than 360 lace frontal wig and full lace wig.and it is easier to be installed than a full lace wig.


      Difference Between Full Lace Wigs and Lace Front Wigs

      Full lace wigs have a base that is made fully of lace, unlike the lace front wig. This means full lace wigs are a bit more applicability than a lace front wig because they can be worn in different hairstyles. A full lace wig covers the entire head and must be installed slightly different than a lace front wig that is only attached at the front edges of your head. It is best to wear a wig cap, especially when installing a full lace wig since it will be covering your entire head.In comparison to front lace wigs, full lace wigs are more expensive as it takes longer to make. Usually It takes a skilled workers 3-5 days to finish the complete process of a full lace wig.